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Friday 10 June 2011

A new way of sharing stories

Okay, Castle of Lost Souls part one is coming up on Monday as promised - and that's the original White Dwarf version, remember. And to entertain you over the weekend, here's a look at the cool new comics reader widget from, which allows users to share around their comics.

"Just like a YouTube video, you can now embed the comic wherever you want," writes president Micah Baldwin. "Put it on your blog. Include it in a story."

If you like this, click over to, give us a rating, and take a look at the hundreds of other comic books they have on offer. No, I don't own shares.


  1. To be honest, it's too clunky, like every other flash comic reader I've seen.

    I'd rather just look at image files.

  2. The Graphicly reader isn't Flash but HTML, Megazver. In fact there is the option just to scroll through whole-page images or to select a guided panel-by-panel view, that's up to the user's preference. Did you look at our own Mirabilis comic reader for iPad, btw?

  3. Love the story. I am going to have to buy the other episodes.
    A new way of sharing stories?
    It's a comic. A very nice comic, well drawn and with a cracking tale. But it's a comic. On a computer.
    The mechanism behind it is of little or no interest to the reader (IMHO) in the same way that the comic reader (unless a complete geek) isn't interested in the print process.
    By the way, is there a bundle option where you can buy them all at once?

  4. I don't know about you, Mike, but in the days of print there was no way I'd put my prized comics into somebody else's hands. Not after I lent out my Hellblazer collection and got it back with the covers all scrunched up!

    Glad you like the story. The iPad app (search for "Mirabilis - Year of Wonders" in the App Store) should have a bundle option in the next update, if our coder can figure out how to charge for [remaining issues you don't yet have] that is :)

  5. Who was the bastard who scrunched up your Hellblazer covers? I'd like to... hold on, wait a minute....