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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's alive!

As a follow-up to the previous post, I'm pleased to announce that Fabled Lands Publishing has just released a Kindle edition (Amazon US here and Amazon UK here) of award-winning SF author John Whitbourn's latest novel, Frankenstein's Legions.

Baron Frankenstein's work let the genie out of the bottle. New life can be created from the bodies of the dead. The governments of the early nineteenth century see a means to create a new supply of slave labour and military cannon-fodder. An army that falls on one day can be pieced together and returned to battle the next. And so the world descends towards the maelstrom of total war.

Ada Lovelace has been murdered, her friend Charles Babbage framed and arrested, and Julius Frankenstein, last of his line, looks set for an "accident". But Ada's death, while no exaggeration, is not going to slow her up. Restored to life, she teams up with Julius to find out just who it is that will stop at nothing to see the Analytical Engine destroyed.

If you like your science fiction dark, devious and steampunky, with intrigue, horror and violence, you'll love Frankenstein's Legions. Just one warning, though. This book is definitely adult content and not for the squeamish.

And even if you don't have a Kindle or emulator thereof, don't lose heart. As long as there's enough demand, Fabled Lands LLP will consider a paperback edition to come out following the Binscombe Tales series in October. (Sadly, we can't use Martin McKenna's brilliant painting above for the cover, but scoot over to his website and I guarantee you'll find lots of other deliciously gruesome stuff.)

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