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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A tingling of spider-sense

To talk about my own pet project rather than one of the many irons in Fabled Lands LLP's fire, the first Mirabilis hardcover gets a pretty nice write-up in this month's SFX magazine. As regular readers will know, the story of Mirabilis
"begins with a duel between salt-of-the-earth soldier Jack Ember and pompous toff Dougray McNab, who are both vying for the hand of feisty duke's daughter Estelle Meadowvane. Morris deftly establishes a volatile chemistry between the trio, who are forced to work together as they are drawn into an esoteric conspiracy, centring around an ancient gold coin and the mysterious Royal Mythological Society."
Well, that's what the SFX reviewer says, and who am I to disagree? If you grab the current issue of SFX, you'll not only get to read the rest of the review, you can also find out the latest on the Spider-man reboot, Joss Whedon's Avengers movie, the new Conan, a peek at Fringe season four, awesome concept art for John Carter of Mars, and there's even a feature on Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. (Honestly.)


  1. Aw, man... I held a copy of that mag in my hands as I stood killing time in the WH Smith at Manchester airport, just a couple of days ago. Given a choice between buying the mag and reading the free papers given out on the plane... the cheaper option won out. Guess I didn't riffle through its pages thoroughly enough. It's a pain getting hold of these somewhat specialist mags, now I'm back home in France.

    Conversely, I've learned that the Fabled Lands app is a fun one for those cross-channel jaunts. So long as you're in flight safety mode, of course.

  2. Hope you at least got home to find your copy of the Fabled Lands RPG had finally arrived, PW?

  3. Heh. And then some. When I'd been waiting about three weeks, I got in touch with Cubicle 7 for more info, and they sent out a replacement. When I got back from my hols, both copies had arrived, within two days of one another.

    Big thumbs up for the French postal service. I'm guessing they're to blame for this one.

    I contacted the nice people at Cubicle 7 to ask if they wanted the extra copy back, but they said I could keep it. A friend of mine - an author friend, far more famous and successful than myself - just had a birthday; I think I'll send the spare copy to him. That way, I get to do something nice for my pal, and maybe I can even coax him into championing the FL banner.

  4. And maybe you'll get another player for an FL role-playing campaign? Good old Cubicle 7, anyway, it sounds like they did the right thing.