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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Twilight Zone of suburban Surrey

This is a cross-post over to the Mirabilis blog, but it probably belongs here even more than there, because John Whitbourn's Binscombe Tales series is the next publishing endeavour from Fabled Lands LLP.

The Binscombe Tales are true classics that exist in the overlap between SF, fantasy, horror, ghost stories and whimsy (hey, fiction is an n-dimensional space, didn't you know?) and they have previously appeared in The World's Best Fantasy and the After Midnight books. Mr Whitbourn himself is a a laureate of the Gollancz/BBC first fantasy award - which is no mere tyro genre-writer award, believe me - making him the modern Hemingway of the bizarre.

We will be releasing the complete series of twenty-six tales in print form (three eminently collectible paperback volumes) and on Kindle in time for Hallowe'en. (In fact, October 31st is the very day of publication, how about that.) Lovers of the macabre, the mysterious and the marvellous in fiction will not want to miss.

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