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Monday, 25 December 2017

Uncovering Fabled Lands book 7

Happy Christmas. I know you'll have presents to open and crackers to pull, so I won't keep you. I just thought you might like this glimpse of Kevin Jenkins' cover for The Serpent King's Domain.

Well, sort of. The fact is that Kev changed his mind about the cover after painting this rough, so the finished article looks quite a bit different. You'll see that soon enough. (If you're one of the Kickstarter backers you'll have already seen it.)

In the meantime, if you've been given any book tokens then why not take a look at our US or UK gamebook stores? Or browse through some gamebook and RPG goodies on the Spark Furnace site.

OK, that turkey ain't gonna cook itself....


  1. Happy Holidays, Dave! I've noticed the gamebook stores have been down for a while. Can you look into it?

    Thank you for all you do. Peace, love and prosperity to you and yours.

    1. Thanks, Mike. It seems that Amazon decided to phase out their e-stores so we'll have to find some other way to display all our gamebooks in one place.

  2. I like the colour tones of this version more than the revised one - feels more suggestive of a forest depths, as compared to the actual cover which is a touch dungeony. But hey, with a new book imminent I can't complain.

    Hope you (and Jamie) had a wonderful Christmas.

    1. I agree, Michael. Maybe we'll use this version on the regular paperback and the night-time version on the large format edition.