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Wednesday 22 March 2023

The neutron operation

As a coda to the previous post, I came across an idea for a Doctor Who special that I jotted in my notebook a couple of years ago. I must have still been thinking of the core concept of the Dalek City game, only now as a story:

A later incarnation of the Doctor goes back in time to the original Skaro encounter with the Daleks, figuring that now he’s forewarned as to how significant a threat they are he can destroy them for good. 

The action integrates with the footage from the 1960s version, The Mutants. Instead of achieving his objective, the new Doctor’s “total war” attitude to the Daleks (who incidentally seem unable to distinguish him from the First Doctor who appears in the 1960s scenes) causes them to become fearful and thus pushes them from being warily curious to genocidally paranoid. 

The Daleks prepare a contingency plan. It's solely because of this plan that the Doctor's destruction of their power source at the end of the story doesn’t kill them all – and the surviving Daleks, the really out-there extremists, now know to study the background radiation signal and pick up the Tardis’s dematerialization signature. That leads them from being bound to one planet to being galactic conquerors who eventually challenge the Time Lords.

So in the end the reason that the Daleks are so dangerous is entirely because of the Doctor's actions in trying to wipe them out.

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