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Wednesday 1 March 2023

Unboxing the end of the world

It was a splendid surprise to get a parcel containing the Other Worlds edition of Heart of Ice. It's a gorgeous book, really a work of art. There are links to the black-&-white paperbacks below, but they're not a patch on this deluxe hardcover. Get hold of a copy if you can.

As well as the book itself, the slipcase contains a Compass Society ID card, bookmarks that also work as character sheets, stat block cards for all the pregen characters, and a set of scratch maps. When you come across a symbol in the book, you take the Compass Society card (or a coin from the pre-scad era) and scratch off the corresponding area, revealing part of the map. So as you explore the world, the map is uncovered.


  1. I guess mine arrived earlier than yours (mine only had to come from Poland to Japan, after all) as it was here over a week ago. And my reaction was very much like yours. It's a lovely package. Bookmark/character sheets is such an absolutely obvious and brilliant idea.

    1. I had made a video of the unboxing but young Adrian pointed out that the address on the box was visible. After one attempt to blur it in the YouTube editor (which does not track objects, as it turns out, despite claims for its sophisticated AI) I gave up and just took a screenshot.