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Friday 2 February 2024

Lich Lord, Legend-style

Gamebook critic and writer Oliver Whawell writes to say, "I was the perfect age for Warlock of Firetop Mountain when it was released, and quickly became a fan of gamebooks. The Fighting Fantasy books developed alongside my reading age, but then they started to feel a bit immature - and along came Blood Sword: great writing and a challenging game, especially if you adhered to the rules.

"Inspired by the excellent work of Red Ruin Publishing (and a throwaway comment from Wayne Imlach) I wanted to see if Blood Sword and Dragon Warriors were compatible. It took a little while but I created a formula that would turn a warrior’s stats into a knight's, and an enchanter’s stats into a sorcerer's, and then applied this throughout. It worked for humanoid opponents remarkably well, so I just had to find modifications for animals, demons, and giants/dragons. I did cheat with a couple of extreme encounters in book 5; other than that the numbers don’t lie.”

The complete set of stat blocks that Oliver kindly provided for all five Blood Sword books is a bit much to reproduce in just one blog post here, so I'll release them in installments. To get started, though, Oliver also calculated the DW stats for The Keep of the Lich Lord, and you can download those here.

If you're a Fighting Fantasy fan, don't miss the latest issue of Casket of Fays, which is free on DriveThruRPG and has stats conversion from AFF, rules for Rhino-Folk (a critter from Out of the Pit, apparently), and the Volucreth as a Fighting Fantasy species, as well as Mercanian runesmiths and a complete town (I do love maps) in Outremer.


  1. I've decided to send a early Valentines Post and reveal what I think would be the top 6 romantic pairings of Npcs in The Fabled Lands Books

    Lauria The Thief and Amachos One Eye The Pirate King

    Baroness Vanna and The Sovereign of Atsukari

    Baroness Vanna and Nergan Corrin

    Lochos Veshtu and Lauria

    The Merchant known as Moon of Evening and Call of Eagles

    Lady Lotmore and Dwatsu Morituri

    1. I definitely have Lauria pegged as polyamorous. Anything to lull a mark into a false sense of security...

  2. Good stuff! I don't seem to be able to grab the Keep... stats though. I don't know if it's because I'm on mobile. I'll check tonight.

    Quite apart from that, look for Wayne's take on the Enchanter in an upcoming Casket—probably the one after next—it's made me want one as my next character.

  3. Regarding previous comment. It's my dodgy mobile connection.

    1. Phew! I was just about to see if there was a server issue.

    2. Yep. Sorry to put the wind up you there. Wayne's also given us his take on the Sage which is on my weekend reading list.

      All this Blood Sword activity makes me ask has there been any news from Tambu? It's been so quiet that Facebook offered me the chance to admin their Italian language 5E group.

    3. I've heard not a whisper from Tambu for months, I'm afraid. I was really hoping for a nice hardback copy of the 5e campaign in English, but I'm now guessing that will be around the same time the BBC discovers the tapes for "Power of the Daleks".