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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Gifted part 4

Hover cops - I know. But in our defence, we did this at least six months before any of the trailers for Star Trek came out. And anyway, don't they say great minds think alike? It's us and J.J. Abrams!


  1. The premise sounds really interesting, when can we expect a release date?

    On a fabled lands note, any news on any possible fabled lands games (with all 12 lands?) ala Oblivion? I would love to explore the Fabled Lands World in an epic RPG (but also waiting for the books!). I also wanted to thank you guys for providing hours (weeks even) of entertainment for me and my friends with the books (dont worry we all had our own copies, sadly I lost all 6 of mine - I will be first in line for the reprints)!

  2. Siku and I are very committed to telling this story, we just need to get a publisher on board. UK publishers are not keen on comics, though, as British sales alone don't justify a full-color 150-page graphic novel like this. So we're looking to the USA and/or continental Europe for a publisher now.

    An Oblivion-style Fabled Lands game would be a dream project for me and Jamie. We are huge CRPG fans as well as being game designers and producers. The snag there is that all our development contacts are in the UK, where salaries are getting too high now for game publishers to fund full development teams for something like this. To make it happen, we need to find a bunch of guys like the CD Projekt Red team to work with. Fabled Lands would be a perfect setting for a CRPG, as so much of the background work and main quests are already there.

    Talking of CRPGs, starting tomorrow and throughout next month we'll be showcasing our "other Fabled Land", called Abraxas, which we developed as a massively multiplayer game. If we can complete the full 12 FL books, Abraxas will be the next stop!