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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pandora Hope

Not every project from the Fabled Lands studio is set in the fantasy world of the Fabled Lands. Um. Yes, I guess it is confusing. But so was Octavian changing his name to Augustus, and the whole Roman Empire had to get their heads around that one.

I'll give you a for instance: our sci-fi/superhero story Gifted, illustrated by Britain's leading comic artist Siku. Not a goblin or a wizard in sight. Yet, if you've a yen for imaginative journeys, we hope Gifted is one you'll enjoy too.

Over the next few days we'll be posting up the first 15 pages of the story. But first, to set the scene:

36,000 BC: An interstellar freighter of alien origin malfunctions in deep space near the Sirius system. Its cargo of five hundred technology pods is jettisoned in an explosion.

2016 AD: The first of the alien cargo pods bumps a communications satellite out of orbit, incidentally disrupting international broadcast of the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Tokyo. The pod falls to Earth, breaking up and scattering parts of its contents across North and South America.

2017 AD: Other pods are quickly identified drifting into the solar system - in the asteroid belt, the rings of Saturn, among the moons of Jupiter. Each pod contains incredible technology: ion drives, cold fusion, terraforming engines, retroviruses, nanotech. Those who acquire them will own the future of Mankind.

2017-2031 AD: Governments and corporations compete to seize the cargo pods and plunder their secrets. The front runner is the Damon Corporation, run by the immensely rich and powerful Prester Damon.

2032 AD - right now:

Pandora Hope is a teenager living with her Aunt Grace and invalid brother, Joshua, in southern California.

The 2032 Olympic Games are about to be held in Los Angeles.

And a superpod - ten times larger than the biggest cargo recovered to date - has just been sighted on the edge of the Solar System. The race is on.

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