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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lands of Legend

There's been some speculation about the Fabled Lands role-playing game in light of the re-release last year of 1980s RPG Dragon Warriors. Will it be a tie-in? A revamp of the original DW rules? Hardcore aficionados may even wonder if it'll bear any resemblance to my Empire of the Petal Throne RPG Tirikelu.

The short answers are no, no and only very slightly. The core system will be completely new, though obviously inspired by the game mechanics of the Fabled Lands gamebooks to some extent. There'll be some elements of the Tirikelu magic system in there, but not so as you'd notice. In the main, it will be a new set of rules designed for today's style of gaming.

Dragon Warriors players frequently say they enjoy the simplicity of the system, and that is definitely something Jamie and I want to get into the FL RPG too. Our goal is a set of rules that allow for a quick, intuitive style of play that allows the group's emphasis to fall where it should be: on role-playing, atmosphere and the excitement of a shared narrative.

Talking of Dragon Warriors, there is a DW Wiki project under way, and moderator John Reed recently put up a little-known adventure of mine, "Wayland's Smithy". There's enough of a similarity in faerie flavor that the scenario could be run in Golnir, so no matter whether your preference is DW or FL, you may like to check it out. And in less than a week we'll have some more gleanings from the recently-recovered folders of DW2 Invaders & Ancients material.

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