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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fabled Lands comic books

A cross-post from the Mirabilis blog today. Jamie and Russ have so far only completed the story and rough pencil layouts for their Fabled Lands comic. But, as you can see, even rough pencils by Mr Nicholson comprise a masterclass in comics layout and storytelling. The comic is available as a work in progress - issue #1 and issue #2 so far, in PDF format.

And you can get a 15% discount if you order now. Just enter coupon code WASHINGTON at checkout, valid until Feb 15. (That's on the print copies; the PDF versions are free anyway.)

The comic is based on Jamie's 1990s BBC Radio adventure serial "The Heart of Harkun" that gets repeated every few years. He's currently hard at work at Lionhead Studios writing the script for Fable 3, though of course we hope that one day he'll be designing the Fabled Lands videogame instead!

Meanwhile Mirabilis continues, with Jack learning more about the green comet and running up against a true enfant terrible. Catch up on earlier episodes then read the latest instalment: "Outside Looking In".


  1. The whole radio play is available as a 150 Meg download:

  2. Folks can try that one at their own risk. A safe way to try out the first episode (40 Meg) is here: