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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

It's all Greek

I was asked to prepare a bunch of posts for a Facebook group to promote the Vulcanverse gamebooks, but as nobody in their right mind goes onto Facebook (aka the Dunning-Kruger National Park) anymore, here are those posts with links.

You will encounter friends and foes, develop relationships throughout your adventure, and the choices you make will have a lasting effect on you and the people you meet. There is an ongoing story arc, which runs through all five books and builds towards an epic climax, but of course you'll be free to wander off the main thread to explore side quests or investigate whatever takes your fancy.” (You can start with any of the Vulcanverse books and play them in any order.)

The world of the Vulcanverse: mountains and deserts

The world of the Vulcanverse: forests and the underworld

Vulcanverse includes both companions who accompany the player-character, providing help and clues and unlocking special options, and a current location mechanism to allow subquests that the player can access from different places all around the world. 

It’s possible to join the Amazons, and you can become their champion, and even take the throne the way Conan would (if he identified as female). But you can also get banished from the tribe, and if you reach a position of authority there are decisions you’ll make that will have a lasting effect on the world and the people in it.” 

The Vulcanverse is not your father's Greek mythology. It’s a Matrix-style virtual universe created by the god Vulcan using his hyper-accelerated development of today’s information technology. Go behind the curtain and you won’t find oxen turning wheels and steam-powered colossi from the old legends – you will find something startling and amazing and all-new. Something that coruscates with Kirby Krackle, that whips the rug out from under you, that takes your breath away and blows your mind for good measure. This is not some lame old 1950s stop-motion movie with a bleeping owl. It’s the American Gods or Anansi Boys of Greek myth, the reboot that brings it up to date at warp speed.”

A brief history of open-world gamebooks

Other open-world gamebook series #1: Alba.

Other open-world gamebook series #2: Legendary Kingdoms.

Other open-world gamebook series #3: Steam Highwayman

So you want to take your Fabled Lands character into the Vulcanverse? OK, here’s how.” 

Vulcanverse adventure sheets and more. 

Jamie talks about Vulcanverse and other gamebooks on the Instadeath Survivors podcast. 

All you could possibly want to know on the Vulcanverse YouTube channel. (Scroll down for Jamie’s personal fireside chats.)

However I will say one thing for Facebook: at least there you can make comments and ask questions; it's too bad we can't have that on the FL blog anymore. A notable example:

Want to know what happens when you get the codeword? That would be telling. Better to find out for yourself.

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