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Friday, 19 March 2010

Blue skies

Following a request by Mike Mielke, we dug out some of our notes for books 7-12, among them some of the codewords that hint at subsequent quests:

Hurl: skin dyed blue, you will be mistaken for a pureblood Uttakin.
Hill: you learnt to dance a spectral minuet from ghosts in Tarshesh.
Hatch: you killed or blinded the giant in his lair in Gigantus Mountains.
Herbal: you are on the mission to rescue Princess Zobeida from the djinn, by order of the Caliph of Pethumar.
Hemlock: you have rescued Zobeida and returned her to the Caliph; you are now on his second quest.
Honour: on a mission for the Lord High Astrologer of the City of Stargazers to get a Kafiya bean.
Hounds: you got a desert orchid for the sultan and were rewarded with an ability bonus.
Hothouse: you got a Kafiya bean and gained a level.

Iota: you committed some crime of which the kirin disapproves.

Ink: you touched the saint on Thunder Peak (you can do it repeatedly).

Judas: you slew a guest at your villa, thereby attracting the ire of the Kindly Ones.

Kink: you did something wrong of which the kirin disapproves.

One of the good things about reworking the books for e-readers is that we can have many more codewords, because the app will handle them instead of you having to. This should allow for a much richer experience with more factors affecting each quest outcome.

The other useful thing to come out of searching out these codewords is that we've come across pretty extensive notes we made all those years ago covering the whole series. So if the e-gamebook versions take off, and build enough of a market to make the remaining six books viable, we have a lot of material now to work with.

Abraxas starts on Sunday. Be here.


  1. I believe that someone has decided to work on The Lone and Level Sands, seeing as how there are tons of notes for that one, :') You could still work on doubling the length of the first half of the Fabled Lands as well as finishing the rest of the series in print. Lone Wolf has republished their titles as hardcovers with added material for $24.99 US. I believe that you could release both printed titles and ebook formats simultaneously or maybe include access to the ebook format for those who purchase the printed titles. I have written an article about the merits of print vs. e-media and believe that you would find success in both formats. You're Dave Morris, you, Jamie, and Russ are quite creative and I have a creative background myself. Although I'm only 22, I am passionate about the gamebook format and hope to continue creating various things, well into the future. As I have mentioned before, the gamebook format has quite the renewed interest, the only problem is the fact that most gamebook titles are only available in the UK.

  2. I agree, I think that it would be a fine idea to bundle the e-books into a printed format. I would also love to play them online or on the computer. I have downloaded and thoroughly enjoyed the Fabled Lands app (flapp) but I cannot find any link to the other six books.. have they been completed online, or not..? I'm currently in Aku and was desperately searching for blue dye of some kind before I learnt that there was none until later ;)

  3. Debbie, they have not been completed. The first half of the series is going to be reprinted in December 2010. If 10,000 of each copy are sold, it will justify the completion of the series.

    Oh, and thank you Dave for mentioning me :-)

  4. To think Fabled Lands 7: The Serpent King's Domain is being released soon!