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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The hero's journey

One of Russ's character sketches for the Heart of Harkun comic. This shows callow but uppity wizard-in-training Arcos trailing along behind Kadar, a once-great warrior who is weighted down by both his past and a bottle. They both have a long way to go on their journey, and I don't mean as measured in miles.

You can get free PDF copies of issue #1 and issue #2. Bear in mind these are a work in progress, with consequently rough pencil/layout artwork, but at the price of free who's gonna complain? (The PDF versions are also available by clicking on the cover images in the sidebar.)


  1. Dave, I can't seem to get the Heart Of Harkun comic to download from Lulu, so would you email the pdf's to me? I would appreciate it, you should have my email address from my previous email i've sent you a while back.

  2. Hi Mike - in case others are having that problem, I'll put them up on the sidebar.