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Monday, 15 March 2010

Marching as to war

Another pic from the Fabled Lands books that shows how much Russ can pull off with just a few, apparently sketchy, pen-strokes. He can work in many different media, but it seems to me that the black-and-white line drawing is his métier.

If we do get to continue the FL series in print, it would be essential to enlist Russ, of course. Starting in just one week's time, we'll be running a series of posts about our Abraxas project and you'll get to see some of Russ's most breathtaking drawings. This is concept art that has never been seen before anywhere and it really takes you on a journey. As I've been sorting through it all, it's like seeing the design work spread out for a blockbuster movie. Six days to go - just be patient...

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